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A-Level Politics

Comparative Politics

UK Government is Paper 3 of the A-Level Politics course (9PL0/3A). It's a 2-hour written examination with 84 marks and is worth 33.3% of the qualification. 

The content in the USA section sees Mayfield students study the US Constitution and Federalism, the US Congress, the US Presidency, the US Supreme Court and Civil Rights, Democracy and Participation & Comparative Theories.

The Assessment Overview
Section A | One 12-mark question from a choice of two
Section B | One compulsory 12-mark question focused on comparative theories
Section C | Two 30-mark questions from a choice of three

PL3's Content

These are all Luca's notes for each topic and lesson in A-Level Politics Paper 3's UK Government. These notes are from classes, private study periods or at home, and are written by a Sixth Former so some notes may contain errors.

PL3/1 | The US Constitution and Federalism
PL3/1A | //

PL3/2 | The US Congress
PL3/2A | //

PL3/3 | The US Presidency

PL3/3A | //

PL3/4 | The US Supreme Court and Civil Rights 
PL3/4A | //

PL3/5 | Democracy and Participation

PL3/5A | //

PL3/6 | Comparative Theories
PL3/6A | //

The US Constitution and Federalism

A-Level Politics, Paper 3, Topic 1
PL3/1 | Lessons PL3/1A-1P

PL3/1A | Title

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