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A-Level Maths


Statistics is Paper 3 Section A of the A-Level Maths course (9MA0/03). It's a part of a 2-hour written examination with 100 marks and is worth 33.3% of the qualification. 

The content in the Statistics section sees Mayfield students study Statistical Sampling, Data Presentation and Intepretation, Probability, Statistical Distributions & Statistical Hypothesis Testing.

The Assessment Overview
Paper 3 will contain questions on topics from the Statistics content in Section A and Mechanics content in Section B
Students must answer all questions and calculators can be used.

MA2's Content

These are all Luca's links and images for each topic and lesson in A-Level Mathematics Paper 3's Statistics. These links and images are from classes, private study periods or at home, and are written by a Sixth Former so some notes may contain errors.

MA2/1 | Statistical Sampling
MA2/1A | //

MA2/2 | Data Presentation and Interpretation
MA2/2A | //

MA2/3 | Probability

MA2/3A | //

MA2/4 | Statistical Distributions
MA2/4A | //

MA12/5 | Statistical Hypothesis Testing 

MA2/5A | //

Statistical Sampling

A-Level Maths, Paper 3A, Topic 1
MA2/1 | Lessons MA1/1A-1G

MA1/1A | Title

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