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A-Level Maths

Pure Maths

Pure Maths is Paper 1 and 2 of the A-Level Maths course (9MA0/01 & 9MA0/02). Each paper is a 2-hour written examination with 100 marks and is worth 33.3% of the qualification. 

The content in the Pure Maths section sees Mayfield students study Proof, Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry in the (x, y) plane, Sequences and Series, Trignometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical Methods & Vectors.

The Assessment Overview
Paper 1 and Paper 2 may contain questions on any topics from the Pure Mathematics content
Students must answer all questions and calculators can be used.

MA1's Content

These are all Luca's links and images for each topic and lesson in A-Level Mathematics Paper 1 and 2's Pure Maths. These links and images are from classes, private study periods or at home, and are written by a Sixth Former so some notes may contain errors.

MA1/1 | Proof
MA1/1A | //

MA1/2 | Algebra and Functions
MA1/2A | //

MA1/3 | Coordinate Geometry in the (x, y) Plane

MA1/3A | //

MA1/4 | Sequences and Series
MA1/4A | //

MA1/5 | Trigonometry 

MA1/5A | //

MA1/6 | Exponentials and Logarithms
MA1/6A | //

MA1/7 | Differentiation
MA1/7A | //

MA1/8 | Integration
MA1/8A | //

MA1/9 | Numerical Methods
MA1/9A | //

MA1/0 | Vectors
MA1/0A | //


A-Level Maths, Paper 1 & 2, Topic 1
MA1/1 | Lessons MA1/1A-1J

MA1/1A | Title

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